Rae Arete Launch Day is Here!

March 1, 2021

I am SO excited to finally share with you the project that I have been working on with Christie and Elizabeth. We have spent the last couple of weeks building the brand for my business, and I am thrilled to finally introduce it to you!

I created Rae Arete because I realized that people need less one-size-fits-all fitness and nutrition and need more individual coaching, simple education, personal encouragement, and direct accountability, and I wanted the name and the brand of my business to reflect that.


Rae: I go by Rachel and I also go by Rae.

Arete: A concept in ancient Greek culture that refers to excellence and living up to one’s fullest potential.

To go into the meaning of the word further, I found out after I had already picked the name that my little sister had coincidentally written her college final history paper on Arete. She said that in Spartan culture, Arete had huge significance because their culture was honor-centric, not wealth-centric, and Arete was their honor.

I chose Rae Arete because I care SO MUCH about my clients understanding how to finally arrive at their Point B. I strongly believe that how you do anything is how you do everything, and I am passionate about creating a roadmap that works specifically for them so that they can do it well.

No more unsustainable diets or workout routines, no more trying new fads and hoping something sticks, and no more feeling lost and like you are just spinning your wheels. Let’s make it simple, let’s get it right, let’s do it well, and let’s finally arrive at Point B.


Putting together a seamless brand was important to me because I also wanted to recalibrate how I show up for my clients. I want this word right in front of me and also right in front of my clients as a reminder of what we are doing: building a plan for them to succeed.

As far as changes within my business, I have shifted how I onboard new clients, how I check in with existing clients, and how I set up my clients for success when they are done working with me.

I am also working on creating scalable programs because I want this individual and quality work that I offer to be accessible for everyone. More on that soon!


There are so many good things on the horizon for Rae Arete and my clients. Today is only the beginning.

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